Herb Hainey 

Design Engineer  - herbh@wavecable.com

Listed below are some of the products I have helped design.  Additional product information is available from their respective manufacturer's web pages.  Follow the links to get more information.


Here is the Systematix Controls SX4400 Pulp Analyzer.  The SX4400 runs a TAPPI standardized test on wood pulp.  A bone dry 1 gm. sample of wood pulp is automatically analyzed to determine the pulp's lignin content.  In this timed test, the SX4400 pumps various chemical solutions into the test chamber.  The test endpoint is determined by titration to an  optical endpointnt






 SensorLink Corp. manufactures a family of test instruments for the power industry.  I developed the prototypes for the current measuring LightWire product, which included low power circuit design, fiber optics, and software for both the transmitter and receiver units.







Rothenbuhler Engineering manufactures a family of financial institution products.  The model 600 alarm system gave me the opportunity to take a project from the initial customer surveys to actual UL approved alarm product.  I did all the circuit design, wrote the software and the hyper linked users manual.  

This alarm includes:

        multiple terminal units, 

        supervised, balanced lines, 

        high security NIST certified DES encryption, 

        automatic telephone dialer, 

        Windows based system configuration utility 

        low power design for extended battery backup


Rothenbuhler also makes a family of radio controls for the logging industry which are marketed under the Talkie Tooter brand name.  I have helped with the design of both the Mark III whistle system and the carriage control system.  










Talkie Tooter Inc. is also the assignee for my high speed tone detection patent (US Patent: 5,583,785).



 Remote Firing Devices (blasting machines) are also part of the Rothenbuhler product portfolio.  I have been involved with the development of the 1669 product family, specifically the 1669-1 controller, 1669-2 remote, 1669-3,-4 test boxes and the 1669-10 rapid charger as well as both windows and DOS based configuration / test utilities


My latest project, a talking fish, is in keeping with my interest in robotics and my reputation of always using a microproccesor with a serial port.  The plan is to modify Billy Bass to ask math questions.  If I do it right, the audio and fish movements will come from a file that is easily edited on a PC.  I hope to display it at the Stanwood-Camano Island Fair as well as entering it in the Microchip design contest ($15k in prizes).

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