Through being cool?

Chase down Mr. Hinky Dink ...and no trace will be found!

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Mr. Hinky Dink

runs an old school (vintage 1999) Unreal
server, hosting 2-4 different UT99 low gravity deathmatch games, 24 hours per day, seven days a week.  People from all over the world log on to eliminate the ninnies and the twits, most of them totally unaware of the fact that they are the ninnies and the twits.

Hinky's servers are designed for high availability.  Each is powered by an Uninterruptible Power Source (UPS), providing at least one and a half "nines" of uptime per year.

So come on down!  It's time to bang some heads.  It's time to beat some butts.  It's time to show those evil spuds what's what!  Drag out that old copy of UT you have lying around in your sock drawer and log on today!

And please... no clan bois!


Mr. Hinky Dink is in no way related to the Daily KOS blogger by the same
name.  That guy's a dickhead.

Available UT99 Servers:
BOT House
Experimental ///
Classic ]I[ Online

Seldom Seen Servers:   
House of Thummies
Old Skewl