Ford Contour Express Open Moon Roof Relay 

  • Tools you will need:  Phillips Screwdriver, Slot screwdriver, pliers for crimping, Torx driver with T30 tip.

  • Step1Remove dome light assembly by placing a slotted screwdriver between the lights and the housing.  Credit card might work better, less scratching.  Unplug wires from the light assembly.

  • Step2Locate the two screws exposed by the light assembly.  Remove them.

  • Step3Pull back the rubber strip around the moonroof opening.

  • Step4Slide the motor cover toward the rear of the car.  There are two metal clips on the back of the cover.

  • Step5Remove wire connector from switch.

  • Step6Remove the switch from the motor housing.

  • Step7:  Remove the wire connectors from the motor.

  • Step8:  Unscrew the three Torx30 screws from the motor, this will drop the motor, so be careful.

Now you have removed all the parts you need to work with.

  • Step9: Refer to the next picture to locate the two wires that power the motor:  

 Those two wires are colored blue and purple

With the supplied connectors, splice the relay's   RED    wire to the motor's blue   wire.  Then splice the relay's Red w/Black stripe wire the the motor's purple wire.

  • Step10:  Refer to the next picture for the wires that go to the switch: Connect the splices close to the motor.


Splice the relay's green w/black stripe to the switch's white w/blue stripe wire.

Splice the relay's green wire to the switch's purple w/blue stripe wire.


  • Step11:  Refer to the next picture to locate the  next wire to splice:


Make SURE you are connecting to the TOP Black wire. 

Cut that wire in the middle.  Strip the ends of the wires back to about 1/4th inch.  Connect the relay's two black wires to either cut wire by crimping.  It does not matter which black wire goes to the other one.  The important thing is you choose the correct black wire on the switch.


You are finished installing the relay kit, now we need to put it all back together.

  • Step12:   Install the motor back in the car with it's three screws, allowing the wires and relay to hang down.

  • Step13:   Remove the backing to the adhesive pad and stick the relay to the top of the ceiling to the left of the motor assembly.  (inside the roof)

  • Step14:   Connect both plugs back to the motor.

  • Step15:   Route the switch wire through the hole in the motor housing, and attach housing using the two metal clips.  Be careful of wire routing as well.

  • Step16:   Screw the two screws on the inside of the light assembly, making sure not to install too tight.

  • Step17:   Plug switch wire back into switch and push switch back onto housing.

  • Step18:   Reconnect wires to light assembly and snap back into place.

  • Step19:  DONE!!!!  Now test it before you put all your tools away.

If you run into any problems installing my kit, or any wires are different on the Webasto MoonRoof, please contact me

 If you are interested in making this relay assembly yourself, here is the diagram:

 Thanks, and enjoy!!!