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I LOVE teaching! Make LEARNING fun and meaningful! That's my mission! I am a National Board Certified Teacher currently teaching  in Seattle, WA (Alki Elementary). I have taught grades 1-5 and am in my 13th year teaching. I use costumes, blacklights, games, themes, songs, and much much more to enhance the LEARNING experience for students in an effort to make education feel authentically meaningful. I incorporate Mastery Learning, Understanding by Design, Data Driven Instruction, Growth Mindset, and Project Based Learning is all incorporated in my lesson planning in an effort to create a happy and successful classroom environment. 

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 I created/used/adapted/shared the resources below as supplemental materials to accompany the state standards and district curriculum. I do not claim to own all copyrights to images. I do not 'sell' these materials. I use them for educational purposes and share these ideas for free. Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to all of the images depicted on the materials I use.  These images are gathered from different locations.  I created materials that are a combination of images, videos and audio that I do not claim to own.  I do not own the rights nor do I make profit from any of these materials.  I use it for educational purposes only.  I use Fair Use Guidelines for Educational Multimedia- which means that I use these images, audio and video for educational purposes and do not make a profit of any kind from its contents-the owners of the copyrighted images are listed below.  I do not sell these materials- I share them for no profit. Images collected from (2010): ,,,,


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