Why do I teach?
To give students a learning experience that they will never forget and 
engage students in learning that is fun and meaningful.

My core values as I TEACH:

  Target the learning: Use student data to create targeted and leveled experiences for all students.  

  Engage students: Involve students in the learning process by guiding them on how to analyze and track their depth of learning of the skills and standards.

  Aim for success: Focus on getting better each day by coaching students how to make successful choices and how to learn from unsuccessful ones.

  Citizenship learning: Hold discussions about how to understand and have better control of our emotions/reactions/feelings.

  Have fun: Give students (and myself) an experience in life we will never forget!



About Me:
 I am a National Board Certified Teacher, and have taught grades 1-5. 
I am in my 14th year teaching.

I currently proudly and enthusiastically teach at
Hawthorne Elementary in Seattle, WA.

I aim to engage and excite students so that a passion for learning explodes from their minds!  Costumes, blacklights, games, themes, songs, 3D, leveled learning, projects, experiences, and much much more enhances the LEARNING experience for students and makes education feel authentically meaningful.

I incorporate Mastery Learning, Understanding by Design, Data Driven Instruction, Growth Mindset, Project Based Learning, and much more in lesson planning in an effort to create a happy and successful classroom environment.

National Conference Presenter:
SDE (Staff Development for Educators) topics include:
          • Growth Mindset
          • Genius Hour (Wiz Kids)
          • Differentiated Math Instruction
          • Science Inquiry Learning
          • Student to Student Discourse
          • Student Engagement Strategies
          • Math Talk


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Living Education Magazine:

Living Education Magazine:

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