Welcome to MrHanemaayer.com for the 2015-2016 school year.
 I look forward to connecting with everyone in the near future and hope to keep a regular line of communication with you on here.  We have just begun to use ClassDojo and will be exploring our website this week.  Please feel free to contact me if you find a useful internet link or app we could use in our classroom.  Please take some time to visit our site and perhaps last years to see how our site will be progressing throughout the year.


 - Please connect to the ClassDojo app when you get the opportunity.  It is a great way to keep up to date with our classroom and see how your child has been behaving in class.

- We are beginning our school year with Patterns in Math, our community in Social Studies and Animals & their Habitats in Science.

- We have been creating some books about how students and teachers behave at school...  I have some work to do, I think. ;)

-Educreations accounts have been created and some students have begun to access their accounts from home.  If you have any questions about the accounts, please ask!

  • March 8th - Boat - Test #1
  • March 9th - Boat - Test #2
  • March 14th-18th - MARCH BREAK
  • March 25th - Good Friday
  • March 28th - Easter Monday
  • April 22nd - Earth Day
  • May 2-6th - Education Week - see our school site for more information.
  • May 4th - May the 4th be with you - Outer space themed dress-up day.


-May 2nd - Education Week
        Special presentation Thursday evening.
        May the 4th dress-up day.
-April 26th, 2016
    We are practicing a play this week that involves a lot of reading.  We went through it once today, but I'd like students to read through it at home too.  It is a really fun play and once we add in some of the actions and expression, it will be great to present in front of an audience.  I am not concerned with everyone knowing what all the words mean, I've provided a short translation page on our homework site here too, just in case.
Thank-you & have fun with this if you're confident with your French too!

-Information regarding our "Country" projects is now posted to the projects page here. Please note that my example does not have sample sentences. - Due date is April 11th

-Le pirate Maboule started today (March 1st)
    See the projects link for details.

- After 1 month of our bead program in class, everyone has made leaps and bounds with their French speaking.  We will continue into March as well.
 - I am very proud of everyone's efforts!
        Have you accidentally spoken French at home?

-class list poster to homework page for Valentines Day.
- First term is drawing to a close.  If you would like to schedule a meeting with me, please don't hesitate to ask.
- Please continue to work on reading books at home, we are really seeing some terrific progress at school with the students who are putting the effort into reading!
- Project information has been added to the projects link on the sidebar.

    - As a class we raised $127.  I have also raised money from fellow teachers and family that I will add to my Movember page before the end of the month.  Thanks again for the support!

- Milk sales to begin Monday November 9th
- Popcorn sales to begin Monday November 9th
- Food plan pages to come home ASAP
- Library Books have also started to come home, please find time to read at home every night.

-October 23rd
        - Apparently there are still issues with                       Internet explorer, but it works with Chrome and on         tablets and iPads. PLEASE WORK ON THESE AT HOME.

- October 21st
    - Books 7,8 and 9 should have come home to          be filled in on our reading logs this week.             Please ensure that your child is doing their         part.
    - The LecturEnfant site is undergoing changes         and we will be without it for a few more days,         sorry!
    - I have met with several parents so far, if you'd     like to schedule a meeting, please don't                hesitate!
- October 7th
    - Our reading logs have now come home.
        Students have been asked to read at least 20            minutes at home every day in either French                or English.
    - Reading logs are to be filled in for at least 3                books per week.  Each student has been                    suggested a range of reading book levels to                take home.
    - Please make sure that the books that come               home get returned to school in their green                   homework bags regularly.  Please also                       ensure that the reading log stays in their                   homework folder as well.  I'll trade full                       reading logs for new ones when needed.
    - I am also beginning to hold conferences with               parents.  If you have any concernes that you           would liike to discuss, feel free to contact me.

        - Frequently used websites for our class: