Mr. Hanel

8th Grade - U.S. History

Peterson Middle School

Room A-3

Map Activity - The United States 1803 - 1806

Directions: Construct a map of the United States during the years of 1803 thru 1806.  Using the 

outline map handed out in class plot and label the following territories, places, land 

forms, lakes, and waterways.  (25 pts.)

  1. U.S. states and territories in 1804.  Outline and label each state.  Shade the area green.
  2. Outline and label the area of the Louisiana Purchase.  Shade the area yellow.
  3. Label the Appalachian Mountains.  Shade the area brown.
  4. Outline and label Spanish Territory.  Shade the area purple.
  5. Outline and label Oregon Country.  Shade the area orange.
  6. Label the Rocky Mountains.  Shade the area brown.
  7. Locate and label the following rivers:

Ohio Mississippi Platte Snake Red Arkansas

Missouri Colorado Columbia Rio Grande St. Lawrence 

      8.  Locate and label the following lakes and shade them blue:

Lake Ontario Lake Huron Lake Michigan

Lake Superior   Lake Erie

      9.  Label Lewis and Clark’s Expedition in red.  Locate and label the following points:

Fort Mandan Fort Clatsop Three Forks (Montana Territory)

Traveler’s Rest (Montana Territory) Canoe Camp, Idaho

***Make sure you draw a compass rose on your map, indicating the cardinal directions in relation to the geographic features of the land.

Helpful Hint

Use page 235 in your textbook