Educational Biography


I am a qualified and certified professional English, ESL/EFL/ESP School teacher and administrator from Toronto, Canada. I have been employed as a professional English ESL/EFL teacher or administrator in Canada and abroad in Japan, Korea and the UAE for the last nine years. Additionally, I have worked with students of various learning levels, styles and ages (Grades 1 – University Level and adult).

I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Education English and History, a Specialized Bachelor’s Honors Degree in History with a minor in English literature, an accredited TESOL certification and an Industrial Design Diploma. Furthermore, in keeping with my passion for education and life-long learning, I am currently completing my Masters of Education Degree in Second Language Learning. Additionally, I have worked as a coordinator, and supervisor at international schools in the UAE and abroad.

As a result of my educational degree and my current Masters work, I am very familiar with the latest educational philosophies, teaching methods and techniques. Moreover, my experience in assessment, evaluation and curriculum development with various schools and institutions, has allowed me to aid students in achieving their desired academic and career goals. I receive great personal satisfaction from providing learners with information, knowledge, and skills that translate from the classroom to their real lives and may aid them in confidently overcoming many of the challenges that life may present.

While in the UAE, I have worked as an educational subject and teaching specialist responsible for conducting teacher training and educational professional development for the English departments of seventeen schools and the supervision of twenty-one Lead Teachers. As a result, I have developed a thorough understanding and perspective of the needs of students and teachers. In addition, I recognize the necessity of creating an interconnecting nexus between students, parents, teachers, schools and community to ensure students success.

I am an energetic person with excellent communication, organizational, interpersonal and motivational skills and enjoy working as part of a team or independently.

Starting in a new environment and country can be challenging for most teachers. However, I feel my many years of experience as a teacher in Canada and abroad, coupled with my desire for continued education have effectively prepared me to deal with almost any challenge that may surface within an educational environment.


Gus Bougadis