Finding the Right Size Storage Space For Your Needs


If you are planning to store a boat; measure the boat while it is on the trailer, from the tongue of the trailer all the way to the back of the propeller.  Then, we suggest adding 4 feet to that total length to give you enough room to back in safely without causing damage to your propeller or to the back wall of the storage unit.
If your boat has an overhead mounted ski rack; measure the boat height while it is on the trailer, from the ground to the highest point.  Allow room for any water skis or stereo speakers that may be attached on the very top of the rack.  This will help determine the necessary door height for your storage unit.  

When measuring a camper or RV for door height, don’t forget to include any AC type accessories that are mounted on the roof.   When determining the length of a camper or RV, any spare tires or accessory racks mounted at the rear of the vehicle could add to the overall length.  

If you are planning to store furniture or other household goods that might be damaged by water, we highly recommend that you place these items up on blocks or skids, due to the occasional torrential rain storms we experience in southern New Mexico. 
If you are estimating the width of the storage unit you need; boats 18’ or longer generally require a 12’ wide unit.

To help you estimate your vehicle width;  a typical width for anything driving down the highway is 8’ wide, at most 9’ wide, anything wider than 9’ becomes a “wide load”.
Step 1 -   Choose the depth of the storage unit using the helpful hints above.                                            Our longest units are drive through – which means they
                                     have operable doors at both ends of the unit.
 Step 2 -   We offer 2 different widths of storage units;  choose 10’ wide or 12’ wide.

Step 3 -   Make sure the corresponding DOOR OPENING size will work for you.  

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