Week Three

Ad Fontem Arguments 
This week we will look at the Ad Fontem Arguments ("to the source" or personal attacks)

"A sub-group of the Fallacies of Relevance, these arguments focus on the soruce of the argument, rather than the issue itself." The Art of Argument p.31

The Ad Fontem Arguments we will study are:

1. Ad Hominem Abusive
2. Ad Hominem Circumstantial
3. Tu Quoque
4. Genetic Fallacy

Friday Bonus Study Topic:

Formal Logic:
    Today we will look at the other side of Logic. Formal Logic is a whole different ballgame, as they say. Some people say it is more scientific than informal, because we need to prove our conclusion to 100% accuracy (or at least make a 'strong' case to that end).
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