Grade 4

Welcome to the Fourth Grade!

In grade 4, students observe and interpret patterns related to the transfer of matter and energy on Earth, in physical interactions, and in organisms. Students learn that animals’ internal and external structures support life, growth, behavior, and reproduction. Grade 4 students interpret patterns of change over time as related to the deposition and erosion in landscape formation. They study today’s landscapes to provide evidence for past processes. Students learn about energy—its motion, transfer, and conversion—in different physical contexts. They work through the engineering design process, focusing on developing solutions by building, testing, and redesigning prototypes to fit a specific purpose. Each domain relates to the use of matter and energy over time and for specific purposes.
    -MA DOE Common Core Frameworks

We are right now looking at land forms and how they are influenced by water and wind. We will soon be looking at some geography and they types of weather they normally see to make some generalizations about how the climate of an area helps to shape canyons and mountains as well as the movements of tectonic plates! 

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