Grade 3

Welcome to Third Grade!

In grade 3, students develop and sharpen their skills at obtaining, recording and charting, and analyzing data in order to study their environment. They use these practices to study the interactions between humans and earth systems, humans and the environment, and humans and the designed world. They learn that these entities not only interact but influence behaviors, reactions, and traits of organisms. Grade 3 students analyze weather patterns and consider humans’ influence and opportunity to impact weather-related events. Students consider the interactions and consequent reactions between objects and forces, including forces that are balanced or not.  In life science they study the interactions between and influence of the environment and human traits and characteristics. They use the engineering design process to identify a problem and design solutions that enhance humans’ interactions with their surroundings and to meet their needs.Our goal is for students to reason and provide evidence to support arguments for the influence of humans on nature and nature on human experience.
    -MA DOE Common Core Frameworks

In Grade 3 we start off by looking at forces and motion in the world around us. We are looking at what forces are and how we can observe and manipulate them to see motion paths that we want.

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