Grade 2

Welcome to Second Grade!
As students grow in their ability to speak, read, write, and reason mathematically, they also grow in their ability to grapple with larger systems and the parts that make them up. In Grade 2, scientists start to look beyond the structures of individual plants and animals to looking at the environment in which the plants and animals live as a provider of the food, water, and shelter that the organisms need. Grade 2 scientists use their observation skills gained in earlier grades to classify materials based on similar properties and functions. They gain experience testing different materials to collect and then analyze data for the purpose of determining which materials are the best for a specific function. They construct large objects from smaller pieces and, conversely, learn that when materials are cut into the smallest possible pieces, they still exist as the same material that has weight. They learn that water is found everywhere on Earth and takes different forms and shapes. They map land forms and bodies of water and observe that flowing water and wind shapes these land forms. Our goal is that these investigations of how parts relate to the whole provide a key basis for understanding systems in later grades.
    -MA DOE Common Core Frameworks

In 2nd grade we start the year by talking about animal and plant adaptations and habitats.

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