Source Engine Modding Tools

This page contains links to the tools you need for Source Engine Modding.

Modeling work:
  • Blender - To do the actual modeling (3DSMax also works, but costs)
  • Crowbar - To decompile and re-compile the source engine models
  • Notepad++ - To edit the QC-files. 
  • Optional. Source Engine Language pack for Notepad++
  • Game Specific HLMV or Authoring tools. Source SDK may also work for older games.

Most Source Engine games come with their own version of HLMV. You can find it in the game/bin folder. (i.e: steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\bin - HLMV.exe)
If you can't find it there, Search your tools library on steam for a game specific SDK.
If there is no game specific SDK, Download the Source SDK. More info.

Texture work:
  • Hammer Map Editor. Just like HLMV, most Source Engine games have it's own in the bin folder (hammer.exe)