Weapon Attachments

Attachments are locations on a model where particles emit from.
If those are not set up properly, the gun will look bad

The attachments you can use on a worldmodel are

 Name   Description 
 Flashlight Flashlight and laser location 
 Muzzle_Flash Complete muzzle flash with tracers
 Shell Ejecting shells

The attachments you can use on a viewmodel are

Name  Description
 Attach_muzzle* Flying bullets, tracers
 Attach_shell_eject* Smoke (appears after rapid firing)
 Flashlight  Flashlight and laser
 Muzzle_flash* Only muzzle flash (visible light)
 Shell  Ejecting shells location
*should be in same spot with same rotation. Together, they build the complete muzzleflash.

You need to load your model in HLMV and go to the "Attachments" tab.
To move the chosen attachment around, use the Translation text box.
To rotate it, use the Rotation text box

The rotation works like this: 
X Y Z 
X is along blue line
Y is along green line
Z is along red line

To use the attachments in your next compile, copy the whole "QC String" text box content and replace the existing $attachment line in your qc file.

How the attachments should look in HLMV

The "Attach to" part in HLMV tells you what bone the attachment will be following.
e.g attach the flashlight to pumpshotgun pump bone to achieve moving laser attachment.

Muzzle_Flash - red line in firing direction.
Attach_muzzle - red line in firing direction.
Attach_shell_eject - red line in firing direction.

Flashlight (worldmodel) - blue line in firing direction.
Flashlight (viewmodel) - red line in firing direction.

Shell (right side, worldmodel) - blue line up, red line right.
Shell (left side, worldmodel) - blue line up, red line left.

Shell (right side, viewmodel) - red line up, blue line right.
Shell (left side, viewmodel) - red line up, blue line left.