Hexing a Model

this is a Video tutorial wich explains the procedure of model hexing. 
but attention! some guns have specific sequence orders (animations stored in specific order) 
those sequence orders are not always the same, so the animations could end up weird in multiplayer 

You will need: 
1. a model wich you want to edit 
2. the original models (only for beginners recommended) 
    3.1 Notepad++ hex editor plugin. 
           - in Notepad ++ go to the plugin tab - plugin manager - enable "show unstable plugins"
           - search and install the hex plugin 
5. L4D2 authoring tools (steam - tools library)

 Good Luck!

Here is a list of weapons you can hex with eachother, and weapons you can not hex at all.

Can hex:
Autoshotgun - Spas
Boomer Bile - Molotov
Pistola - Deagle  you need to create dual wield models, if you want to hex deagle to pistol
Explosive / Incindiary Ammo box - First Aid Kit
Scar - M60 - M4A1 - AK47 - Mac10 - UZI
Scout - AWP
two handed melee to two handed melee
one handed melee to one handed melee (list coming soon)

Can't hex
anything onto hunting rifle
anything onto military sniper rifle
one handed melee onto two handed melee (vice versa)
anything onto coke
anything onto adrenaline
anything onto pipebomb
anything onto MP5 (cs:s gun)
anything onto SG550 (cs:s gun)