Convert VTF version

every source engine game from valve uses VTF and VMT files for the textures.
the older ones, like Left 4 Dead 2, are using VTF version 7.4
the newer ones, like Portal 2, are using 7.5

now. if you want to port models from Portal 2 to Left 4 Dead 2 thetextures wont work.
Because Left 4 Dead 2 can not handle the 7.5 version of the VTF file.
here is the short and very easy way to convert it. 


1. Download XVI32  - Freeware, no installation needed

2. open the XVI32.exe and drag one of the Portal 2 textures onto it.
    you will see very much numbers and letters.

3. the nineth number from the left side is a "05". click on it and just enter "04".

4. save the file

and here the whole process, if you dont understand