Victim’s Story---2 Slain Cats

On the evening of Thursday, September 25th, an ex-coworker scaled my second floor deck and broke into my condo.  He kicked in my door armed with an 11 inch buck knife.  I was out of town on business.  At home, were my three cats, Alley, Piggy, & Mr. Frank. My cats were declawed and indoors 100% of the time.  They never bothered or disturbed anyone.  This man (who was not my neighbor) proceeded to brutally stab Piggy & Mr. Frank to death.  Alley is tiny and was able to hide from him.  I know he tried to catch her because tables and lamps had been turned over.  I have had all three cats for 7 1/2 years.  I am a single 30 year old girl and these cats were my children.  Piggy was a 17 lb. white & tan cat with big pink ears.  She slept in bed with me every night, and loved to lie on my bathroom counter when I got ready in the morning.  Mr. Frank was a handsome 19 lb. black & white tuxedo cat that could usually be found lying near a floor length mirror admiring himself.  Pig & Frank were so friendly, they probably greeted him.  Your home is supposed to be a safe place.  I cannot stop thinking about the terror and pain they felt.

I began getting text messages from Russell Swigart telling me that he wanted me dead and that he knew where I lived and worked.  When the messages ceased for an hour, I became extremely nervous and called my local police department to ask them to check on my residence.  Twenty minutes later he sent additional texts telling me that he had stabbed my babies to death!!  When I called the police back to let them know, they were already on the scene.  I called my parents and asked them to drive to my home to talk to the police and see if the allegations were true.  They, along with my closest friends awaited me on my frantic 3 hour drive home.  My loved ones were afraid to tell me that it was all true while I was driving, but I knew in my heart it was a reality.  Everyone was still desperately searching for Alley.  She was found 20 minutes before I arrived home.  Alley is my little miracle.  She is panic stricken and has been searching for her brother and sister.  My vet had to prescribe medication to relax her.   

I am in complete and total devastation and feel violated.  I cannot live in my home anymore.  I saw the blood and hair all over the master bedroom and bathroom.  Staying there, would be like reliving the nightmare that Piggy & Frank suffered.  I have been living in fear since that night and my whole life has changed.  I have not been able to work, sleep, or eat.  It is one thing to loose a pet that you love, but when they are violently murdered the grief is unexplainable.  Someone capable of something so heinous & senseless could do the same thing to a human.  I know in my heart that had I been home that evening, I would not be here to tell my story.