Mary Richardson
Picture Framing



Mary Richardson Framing offers custom preservational picture framing to fit your art and space. Whether it be for your home, gallery, or place of business, your art will not only stand out, it will last for generations.

With over 25 years of experience, and a remarkable eye for detail, Mary will frame your images with professional care, discerning artistry, and at a price competitive with non-preservational frame shops.

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Mary has been picture framing out of her in-home frame shop, located in Maidstone, Vermont, for over 25 years now. She uses conservation materials & techniques to help preserve your treasured art works for many years to come. Although the materials are more expensive & the methods more time consuming, she is able to offer her customers pricing equivalent to "normal" frame shops due to low overhead.

"It bothers me that people spend good money on picture framing that is eventually going to ruin their art pieces. I have re-framed many works of art in the past that have been on their way to ruination in as short as 5 years time. Perhaps I can help prevent this."

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