Kevin Fox

(Wells High School)

last updated 3/18/19

Wells High School Mission Statement

"Our mission is to empower all students through individualized instruction to become literate critical thinkers and problem solvers committed to civic engagement."

2018-19 Teaching Schedule

Period 1 Geometry

Period 2 Math Support

Period 3 Geometry

Period 4 Algebra 2 - Polynomials & Statistics

Period 5 Advanced Math II

Period 6 Prep Period

Other Roles at Wells High School

  • Student Council Advisor
  • Interact Club Advisor
  • Varsity Softball Head Coach
  • Varsity Football Assistant Coach
  • JV & 1st team Football Coach
  • 1st Girls' Basketball Coach

Contact Information:


School phone: 646-7011

Construction Tool Kit

Course Supplies

Algebra 2 & Advanced Math II

  • 1.5-inch 3-ring binder
  • notebook
  • TI-84 Graphing Calculator
  • pencils


  • 1.5-inch 3-ring binder
  • notebook
  • TI-84 Graphing Calculator
  • geometry construction tool kit (compass, protractor, straight edge, etc.) scroll down for an image, nothing too fancy is needed, under $10
  • pencils

Course Guidelines and Expectations


Algebra 2 - Poly/Stats

Advanced Math II

I use the problem solving rubric created by the WHS math department to grade assessments in my courses. The link below shares this rubric.

WHS Math Dept Problem Solving Rubric

Online Resources

Geometry: M5 Topic B Quiz Review