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Minecraft Version Changer allows you to change your copy of Minecraft to a different version.  Why would you want to do this?  Well if you play Minecraft on a server, you probably already know the frustration that can occur every time Minecraft is updated to a new version.  Minecraft updates itself automatically, then when you try to connect to your favorite server you get a "server outdated" message and you can no longer connect.

Sometimes it can take a few days for your server administrator to update the server to to support the latest version of Minecraft, particularly if server mods or plug-ins are being used as these also need to be updated by their respective authors and that takes time.

So to keep playing Minecraft on your favorite server, and to easily switch between versions for different servers or for single player use, here is the Minecraft Version Changer!


Greetings to all!  Version 18 of MVC will be the final version, supporting up to Minecraft v1.3.1.  Thank you for your support.

MVC was developed in the early days of Minecraft when the game was constantly being updated, sometimes twice a day!  This made it hard for us as the newer versions weren't always compatible with our game servers.  Now that Minecraft final version has officially been released updates are much less frequent and life is easier!

If you want to know what Minecraft used to be like in the early days when it was first released, you can still download and use MVC.  Have a play of the earlier versions, then use the option included to restore Minecraft to the latest version.

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Looking for a German version changer?  Try  www.mvc.craften.de

System requirements:

Microsoft .NET 4.0 installed (get this for free using this link)
(you may already have this on your system, if not you will be advised during installation)


Always download Minecraft Version Changer from the official site.  The official site can always be reached using this link: http://flippit.ath.cx


Send feedback to mrflippit@gmail.com


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