EQ6 Keyboard Shortcuts

AutoHotkey script by Feed Dog 

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EQ6 is great quilt-design software, but it's skimpy on key commands. Download this script to add several useful key commands to the program. See the blog for more information.



Start EQ6, then double-click the EQ6 Keyboard Shortcuts file. A green box with an H will appear in the system tray. To toggle shortcuts on and off, press Alt+Z (when shortcuts are inactive, the H will become an S for "suspend").


  • Alt+B: Change to block worktable
  • Alt+Q: Change to quilt worktable

  • Alt+N: New horizontal quilt/EasyDraw block (depends on worktable)
  • Alt+Shift+N: New on-point quilt/PatchDraw block
  • Ctrl+Alt+N: New variable point quilt/PatchDraw motif

  • P: Print quilt
  • Shift+P: Print fabric yardage
  • Ctrl+P: Print block
  • Ctrl+Shift+P: Print templates
  • Ctrl+Alt+P: Print rotary cutting sheet

  • Ctrl+B: Open Block Library
  • Ctrl+F: Open Fabric Library
  • Ctrl+L: Open Layout Library

  • + [plus sign on the number pad]: Add block/quilt to sketchbook
  • - [minus sign on the number pad]: Show sketchbook (same as F8)