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Christmas letters  to see them all with summary

Christmas2014  E-ZPrint or Screen view 2014

  1. Nashville - April - Country and Western Music and American history
  2. Sicily, Italy - Oct. - OAT - Fiat cars, churches, and Greek ruins
  3. Madagascar - Dec - Zegrahm - Zanzibar, Comoros, Madagascar, Reunion, Mauritius - lemurs, chameleons and geckos

Christmas 2013 E-ZPrint or Screen view 2013

  1. Japan, Korea - May - cruise to  Kyoto, Kobe, Hiroshima
  2. French Alps - July - Marmot Earthwatch
  3. Patagonia - Oct - Buenos Aires National Geographic Explorer - cruise to the end of the world

EZ-Print or Screen view 2012   Christmas 2012 

  1. Baja California - Feb -- Gray whales, Nat Geo
  2. Cuba  - March - Mary returned with Field Museum
  3. Sea Cloud - Sept- Dalmatian Coast - Greece, Albania, Montenegro, Croatia
  4. Yosemite   Oct - Ahwahnee Hotel with National Geographic
  5. Botswana - Dec - Duba Plains, Ride and Walk Camp in Motswiri, Selinda Camp

EZPrint Christmas 2011   More details Christmas 2011 

  1.  Africa - Feb YouTube slideshow of Africa pictures
        Namibia - Cheetah Conservation Fund, Desert Rhino Camp, Serra Cafema, Ongava
        Botswana -  Vumbura, Mombo, Kings Pool
        Zambia-  Chichele Presidential Lodge
  2. New Orleans - April - food, jazz, history
  3. Monaco - June -20th Century art, food, Grimaldi history, French Riviera
  4. Svalbard, Norway Cruise and Iceland - July - polar bears and walrus, volcanoes and trolls
  5. Danube Cruise - Sept - Czech Republic, Germany, Austria and Hungary 
  6. Cuba - Nov - People-to-People from Miami to Havana, Cienfuegos and Vinales                

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