Each state has $5,000 available for development funds. These funds are intended to be used for Train-The-Trainer events, CE, CME, and Faculty Conferences (as applicable). 

Concerning Access to Development Funds: All purchases should be submitted for reimbursements, if you need an additional letter of financial commitment please contact Jesse Walls or Leigh Tenkku. 

Please consider spending the funds on travel reimbursement for your state team members. 

Reimbursement Check List:
  • MRFASTC Team Reimbursement Form completed by each person receiving reimbursement.
  • Original Receipts
  • Brochure of Event or email of event details i.e. agenda.
Note On Travel: We must determine whether renting a car or providing reimbursement is more affordable.  Please complete the reimbursement form (to the right) and notify Jesse Walls concerning the request for travel reimbursement.

MRFASTC Team Reimbursment