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A Long Way Gone

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Essential Questions

What do we truly know about the world outside of ours?

How does one earn trust?  How does one lose trust?  How does it feel when people don't trust you?

How does death affect us?  How did the death of Saidu affect the other boys?

How does Ishmael move from child to child soldier?  What does it really mean to lose one's humanity (or to gain it back)?

What is rehabilitation?  What does rehabilitation really look like?  What is it about the Benin Home that helps Ishmael rehabilitate and eventually repatriate?

How has Ishmael changed throughout the book?  What effects does war have on people?

What can one learn from the stories of others?  How do these stories affect our lives?

What is reconciliation? Is it possible between child soldiers and their families / communities?

Persuasive Paper

Child Soldier Articles:

Additional Information on Child Soldiers

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