Dr. Muhammad Rehan is an Assistant Professor at Department of Electrical Engineering (DEE), Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences (PIEAS), Islamabad, Pakistan. Dr. Rehan is an active researcher of the EE department and his primary research interest is in the Control System Design and Implementation. He has published 35 International Journal papers and 18 conference papers to his credit. He has served as reviewer for several International ISI-indexed journals. He has supervised 14 MS Thesis, from which 6 ISI-indexed papers were published by the MS students. Currently, he is supervising 4 MS and 4 PhD students. Three of the PhD students has completed ISI-indexed publication requirement from the HEC. 
       Dr. Rehan has completed his PhD degree from Pusan National University, South Korea, with distinction in a short time-span of two years and his PhD dissertation was kept in National Congress Library of Korea owing to his outstanding research performance. He has published six ISI-indexed journal papers from his PhD thesis. He also received Research Productivity Award for the duration 2012-2013 from Pakistan Council of Science and Technology. Dr. Rehan has been selected as Young Associate of Pakistan Academy of Science in the discipline of Engineering in nationwide competition. 
       Recently, Dr. Rehan has been selected for two prestigious awards in the Pure Engineering discipline by Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan. A research paper titled "Modeling and automatic feedback control of tremor: Adaptive estimation of deep brain stimulation" published in PLoS One has been selected for the Best Research Paper Award  (Pure Engineering) in the 5th Outstanding Research Awards by HEC. Moreover, Dr. Rehan has been selected for the Best Young Research Scholar Award (Pure Engineering) in 5th Outstanding Research Awards by HEC in a nationwide competition. It should be noted that only one person has to be selected for this award for Pure Engineering category.  
Research Interests
  • Nonlinear and robust control
  • Anti-windup design and implementation
  • Adaptive systems and adaptive control
  • Stability of time-delay systems
  • Controlled synchronization of chaos 
  • Consensus control of multi-agent systems
  • Observer synthesis and observer-based control
  • Modelling and feedback control of bio-systems
  • Overflow and quantization effects in digital filters/systems
  • Behavioural analysis of nonlinear systems
  • Stability of parameter varying systems
  • Control aspects of descriptor systems
  • Controller design under input constraints
  • Ph.D. in Control Systems with distinction (March, 2010 to February, 2012), Pusan National University, Busan, South Korea
  • MS Systems Engineering (2005 to 2007), PIEAS, Islamabad
  • M.Sc. Electronics (2003 to 2005), QAU, Islamabad
Awards and Honours
  • Selected for Best Young Research Scholar Award (Engineering) in 5th Outstanding Research Awards by HEC
  • Paper selected for Best Research Paper Award  (Engineering) in 5th Outstanding Research Awards by HEC
  • Invited Talk at CUST on Different Areas of Control Systems, June 2016.
  • MS student, Mr. Awais, has been selected for Certificate of Appreciation for MS Thesis Research 
  • Selected as Young Associate (Engineering), Pakistan Academy of Science (PAS), 2013
  • Included in Directory of Productive Scientists of Pakistan (PSP) by Pakistan Council for Science and Technology (PCST), 2013. 
  • Research Productivity Award, 2012-2013, Pakistan Council for Science and Technology (PCST)
  • PhD with distinction (completed in two years, PhD thesis was kept in Congress Library of Korea)
  • PhD scholarship through WCU program of Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Korea
  • Certificate of Appreciation for Outstanding Performance in MS Thesis Research
  • MS fellowship at PIEAS, 2005-2007
Ph.D. Students (Supervised/Co-supervised)
  • Muhammad Siddique (Supervisor), 2013-Present, Published Two ISI-indexed Journal Papers
  • Muntazir Hussain (Supervisor), 2013-Present, Published One ISI-indexed Journal Paper
  • Sohaira Ahmad (Supervisor), 2013-Present, Published Three ISI-indexed Journal Papers
  • Najam-us-Saqib (Supervisor), 2014-Present, Submitted Two Journal Papers
  • Niaz Mehdi (Co-supervised), Published One ISI-indexed Journal Paper
  • Iqbal Haider (Co-supervised), Published Two ISI-indexed Journal Papers
  • Muhammad Riaz (Co-supervised), Published Two ISI-indexed Journal Papers

Teaching Courses
  • Adaptive Control Systems (MS and PhD)
  • Digital Control Systems Analysis and Design, 2nd half (MS) 
  • Feedback Control Systems II, 2nd half (MS and PhD)
  • STSE-I: Time-Delay Systems (MS and PhD)
  • STSE-II: Chaos Control and Synchronization (MS and PhD)
  • Robust Control Systems 10 lectures (MS)
  • Analog Filter Design (BS)
  • Digital Control Systems (BS)
  • Engineering Computational Mathematics (BS)
On the panel of Reviewers for International Journals
  • IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics
  • IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics
  • IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems II (Express Briefs)
  • Automatica
  • ISA Transactions
  • Journal of the Franklin Institute
  • Mathematical Problems in Engineering
  • Nonlinear Dynamics
  • PLoS One
  • IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution
  • Transactions of the Institute of Measurement and Control
  • IET Control Theory and Applications
  • Acta Astronautica
  • International Journal of Systems Science
  • International Journal of Control Automation and Systems
  • Applied Mathematical Modelling
  • Various Journals of Mathematical Reviews
  • Journal of Engineering in Medicine
  • Engineering Science and Technology

Contact Details

        Dr. Muhammad Rehan
        Assistant Professor
        Department of Electrical Engineering
        Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences (PIEAS)
        Islamabad, Pakistan.
        Emails: rehanqau@gmail.com, rehan@pieas.edu.pk
        Tel: +92-51-2207381 ~ 84, Ext: 3443