School-Wide Goals 2011-12

Learning Targets

One of our school-wide goals is to ultimately shift every student's focus from “What will I do at school today?” to “What will I learn today?”

This small but important change in the way students think about school is an important step toward increasing motivation and giving a greater purpose to each class activity or assignment.
  1. Developing student-friendly statements that describe the main learning goals for each activity or unit, and
  2. Communicating these "learning targets" on a regular basis to students and parents.


  1. Focus classroom supervision on student engagement and frequent assessment of learning.
  2. Provide professional development tying assessment to the rigor/relevance framework.


  1. Increase CRT math scores, with a focus on closing the gap between the overall and economically disadvantaged populations. Where appropriate, work with grade level teams to integrate math instruction across the curriculum.
  2. Increase CRT reading scores.  Work within our new schedule to provide remedial reading opportunities to students who are not proficient.

  1. Provide opportunities for SLATE trainings and support staff in their efforts to integrate what they have learned into their instruction.
  2. Increase communication with parents, students, and community members through an updated web page.