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Here you can keep track of the clubs, activities, awards, jobs, etc that you will use to apply for jobs or college during or after high school.  You may also want to write a reflection describing what each activity entailed as well as what it meant to you.  You can even link to a sub-page that has pictures, videos, etc. about some of the clubs.

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Use the list structure below to organize your activities.  There are also a couple examples included that you should change.

Extra Curricular Activities (Clubs, Sports, Outside School Activities)
Community Service
  • Service 1: Dates
  • Service 2: Dates
  • Walk for Hunger: Summer 2009, 2010
  • Award 1
  • Award 2
  • Job 1: Dates
    Description of responsibilities
Answer below in preparation for creating resumes or asking for recommendations
What areas are you considering studying?

What careers interest you?

As a person I feel my major strengths are ...

What has been your most rewarding experience over the past few years?

What courses have been most enjoyable to you?

What extra curricular activities have been the most important to you? Why?

What specific accomplishments are you the most proud of?

Are there any circumstances htat have affected your ability to perform in school?