Sample Assessment

Masada: Jewish Rock of Defiance


____  1.  “Retribution” means


A.  a donation

B.  revenge

C.  taxes
D.  torture


____  2.  Why was there “perfect silence” when the Romans surged over the walls?


A.  All the Jewish Zealots were dead

B.  The Jews were hiding in order to ambush the Romans

C.  The Romans were trying to surprise the Jews

D.  They believed that God had stepped in and stopped the fighting


____  3.  In this article “Herod” is a


A.  Capital

B.  Civilization

C.  Mountain

D.  Person


____  4.  The main idea of the third to the last paragraph (p. 259, At a strategic point...) is that


A.  The Romans attacked from a different direction than historians had previously believed

B.  Ben Ya'ir led the attack on the Romans

C.  Evidence has been found that the Jews drew lots to see who would kill the last ten men
D.  At least 11 people were killed at Masada

5.  5.  In the space below, list at least six events and place them in order on a time-line.













____  6.  The “Zealots” is another name for


A.  The Romans

B.  Masada

C.  The Jews

D.  Archaeologists

____  7.  We know now that

A.  The Jews still had food left when they died
B.  The Romans waited until the Jews were starving to death before they attacked
C,  The Jews had set their food on fire so that the Romans would not get it
D.  The Jews had sold their food for a heap of bronze coins

____  8.  A signal word in the second paragraph on page 259 is

A.  yet
B.  long
C.  nowhere
D.  Masada

____  9.  The main point of this article is that

A.  The story of the Jews at Masada is probably false
B.  The Romans were wrong to kill the Jews at Masada
C.  Until recently, few people believed the story of the Jews at Masada
D.  Whether it is true or not, the story of the Jews at Masada is a great story of a people's struggle for independence


10.  Using information from this article and other information you have learned in this unit, explain what ethics meant to people in ancient times, and what it means to people, including you, today.


Write your answer to #10 in one or more paragraphs on the lined paper provided.