Public Service Announcement (PSA) Project


I.  As a class, study and understand the thinking of the Enlightenment.  What methods and what logic were used at that time to identify and solve social problems?


II.  Identify a problem that you would like to see addressed here at Spaulding.


III.  Document the problem and research both the problem and possible solutions.  Use reliable sources from here at Spaulding, from other schools, and from educational experts.


(Note:  In the Age of Reason, if there is no evidence of a problem, there is no problem.)


IV.  Create a PSA using either a PowerPoint presentation, a Photo Story presentation, or a video.


For PowerPoint and Photo Story, the visuals should include only minimal written information.  Any script should be read live by students.  Students may act out their scripts in video presentations.


(Note:  Mr. Desmarais can offer technical support for PowerPoint, but not for Photo Story or videos.)


V.  Present your PSA to the administration.  The PSA should be about 1 minute long, but student groups should follow it with supporting information for up to 5 minutes (more time will be available if requested.)


VI.  Compile and submit documentation and evidence.



Public Service Announcements and Presentations—Checklist:


I.  PSAs


Make a public service announcement to the class that:

  1. appeals to the emotions of the audience  ____
  2. demonstrates the problem  ____
  3. recommends a course of action  ____
  4. is one-minute long  ____
  5. is thoughtful and professional in appearance  ____


Videos may be entirely pre-recorded.

PowerPoint presentations will be in the form of a slide show.  Students will read the script.  There should be very little written information on the screen.


II.  Presentations


Follow the PSA with a serious presentation that

  1. Documents the problem at Spaulding  ____
  2. Makes reference to the situation in Vermont and nationally  ____
  3. Summarizes approaches to the problem that have been tried elsewhere  ____
  4. Proposes a solution to the problem here at Spaulding.  ____
  5. Is 2-5 minutes long (more time available on request)  ____


III.  Documentation


  1. Submit, with the presentation, written documentation of all information in the PSA and presentation.  ____
  2. Include information and documentation for all points under “Presentations.” ____
  3. Any format is acceptable as long as it contains substantial written information and Chicago-style bibliographic references.  ____
  4. It may be a pamphlet, a paper, or something else, but it should include references to as many different types (the more types the better) of information as possible, such as:


    • Anecdotal
    • Data
    • Interviews
    • Literature
    • Scholarly Journals
Government Reports