Welcome to Mr. DiGennaro's site! This site is provided as an online resource for Mr. DiGennaro's students and parents at Clarkstown High School North. Use the navigation links located at the left to access and use the following features:

Bio: A concise professional history of the one-and-only Mr.D. 
Class Notes:  Downloadable class notes, presentations, in-class documents, test-schedules, and other resources for students.

Labs:  Downloadable lab activities that are updated as we complete them.
Contact Me: Provides a convenient form for getting in touch with Mr. DiGennaro.
Homework: Homework assignments that are completed via the internet and instantly sent to Mr.D!
Mr. D's Important Links: A collection of websites and pages hand-chosen to provide users with additional information, resources, and entertainment designed to expand upon topics covered in the classroom.

Science News: The latest headline news from the world of science and technology.