Daily Homework

August 4, 2010
Please make sure that you are initialing each assignment that has a due date. The students are now responsible for this being done each night
They will be responsible for the definitions to those 5 words on the lesson assessment on Friday. My expectation is that 4th graders should have the ability to memorize 5 words in a week.
Treacherous, prospect, fierce, ineffectively, alarmingly
BOOK PROJECT -  Due: 8/27
Students should have a Fiction book at this point. Memory bag project details are in their reading section. Please make sure reading log is being filled out nightly and signed every Friday. They need to turn in the Calendar, the work sheet and the memory bag.
Short vowels (blue packet) Pgs 4 & 5 Due: 8/5
Read One Notes (classwork-pink packet) - Due: 8/6
SPELLING   Spelling Activity Packet -  Due: 8/6
In the Home to School binder there is a section tabbed "Spelling." In that area there will be a sheet explaining the nightly spelling homework process.
Please make sure spelling packets are in the correct order (cover, mon-wed activities, pretest), stapled, pretest is signed, titles on all assignments, and the cover is filled out completely.
MATH    Workbook pg 17 -  Due: 8/6
Students will get in the habit of bringing their Text books home along with their workbook so parents have a reference when helping with nightly math homework. If you do not feel the student needs to bring the book home please contact me..
Science -  NONE
WRITING   none                                        
RAH  20 minutes - right now the 20 minutes should be for their book project. Once they finish their book for the book project they should immediately get another book (Friday at library would be a good time) so we can kick off this A.R. program.
 (quiz required each Thursday during computer lab unless we make a deal because of longer chapter books)
 *****Please remember to wear Spirit Cloths on Friday's.********
 This includes plain gray, silver, or maroon shirts. It also includes anything with the Pioneer logo on it. White shirts or shirts with other types of graphics will not be counted. Please check out the Pioneer merchandise in the Pioneer office. There are some really cool sweat shirts, fleece, tee shirts, hats, & beenies for sale.
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