Inside the Earth: Plate Tectonics Webquest


A Webquest is a way for you to explore a topic and find useful information to help you understand the topic. In this webquest, you will be visiting web sites that will help you better understand the Earth's interior, how heat is transferred, continental drift, plate tectonics and how these topics fit together. 

This webquest will take you through a review of the Earth’s structure.When you come to an underlined link, click on it. The link will take you to another web site that will provide you with information on the section topic. After you read the entire web page, you will complete the questions which follow the link. 


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  • Finally, begin working on your worksheet using a combination of the resources on this page, as well as your book. 

Part 1: Earth's Interior

Earth is many thousand kilometers in depth. If you could travel deep into the Earth's surface you would find it contains three main layers: the crust, the mantle and the core. To learn more about the layers of Earth, click on the following links and answer the questions that follow:

Click on the Volcano World link. After reading each slide click the "next" botton and proceed to read the next slide. When you have examined all of the slides, complete the questions on the "questions" slide.


General Sources
    Physical Geo 
    Dynamic Earth




Continental Drift:

    Wise Geek

Plate Tectonics:



    USGS Learn