The Study of Human Relationships

I will not be teaching this class during the 2008 / 2009 school year




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            School Phone:             810-591-1450

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Textbook Information:


            'Sociology – The Study of Human Relationships'  Fifth                     Edition by Holt, Rinehart and Winston


Required Items:





            Computer Authorization & Password

            Promptness / Daily Attendance / Prepared to work

            Following the classroom rule and procedures


Course Objective:


This course focuses on the study of human society and social behavior.  The class will assist students in the ability to see the connection between the larger social world and our personal lives.  The State of Michigan Curriculum and Michigan Department of Education guidelines will be used to address these needs, we will explore the following during this school year. 


Topics Covered:  (First Semester 2007/2008 School year)


            First 6 weeks:            Chapters 1 – 3

Topics            Culture and Social Structure:  Sociology, Cultural Diversity, Cultural Conformity and Adaption


            Second 6 weeks:            Chapters 4 - 6

Topics            The Individual in Society:  Social Structure, Socializing the Individual, The Adolescent in Society


            Third 6 weeks:            Chapters 7 - 10

Topics            Social Inequality:  The Adult in Society, Deviance and Social Control, Social Stratification, Racial and Ethnic Relationsonsonsons



Together we can make this a successful and fun year … keeping in mind the reason we are here is to learn and grow as people.