Guided Instruction

The Goal of Guided Instruction is to provide students with monitored time to complete assignments to improve academic performance 


 It's Time to Study



 ~ Use this opportunity to study ... improve your grades ... and  add a little free time to your evenings ~




~ Remember, the distractions you create effects your neighbors ability to study ~




 ~ Use your time wisely ~










Students have the potential to earn 30 points per day.

    + 10  points if Student brings completed planner to class.

    + 20  points if the Student works productively throughout the 7th hour.

        - if a student has to go to the locker  ... - 10 points

        - if a student does not have their planner                             completed ... - 10 points

        - if a student receives a warning because they are             not being productive ... - 5 points per warning   

students have 2 restroom passes to use per semester        

Attendance:  Students cannot make up points for non-documented or documented absences.  However, students whose attendance is  a documented ACTIVITY, will receive full points in class for that day.  Mini-Guided Instruction teachers will e-mail attendance information to the students assigned Guided Instruction teacher.  Mini Guided Instructors will keep points for the student while in min-guided and report those points to Guided Instructors for report cards.   

Passes:  The only passes students may use during Guided Instruction are PRE-SIGNED Passes from a staff member for one of the following reasons ...

      Library ... Student must have Mrs. Klink sign their pass to use the computers in the library or to use the library.  The student must first check in with their guided instruction (GI) teacher to have their planner signed.  If a student does NOT show up to the library the student is marked as a 'non-documented' absence.

     Release to other Guided Instruction Room ... A student may need to make up test / get extra help from one of their scheduled teachers.  This teacher PRE-SIGNS a pass in the planner.  GI teachers signs the time out that the student leaves in the planner and verifies attendance.  

    Students can only use their School Planner for obtaining PASSES.  If students lose their School Planner, they can purchase another planner for $5.


Guided Instruction and Mini-Guided Instruction students are NOT to be in the halls for any other reason