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Bring on the New Year

Here we go again. The year is almost half over and the second part ramps up to be even faster paced than the first half. Hopefully you had a restful break and you are ready to work hard into the second half of the year. We will be moving faster, going deeper and working harder. I look forward to it. 
And remember. Keep unplugging from your tech and dive into a good book.

Operation Ink

We will be back in the new year. Come and join us. 

Operation Ink
A Creative Writing Club

Interested in writing for fun? Like to write and want to share? Want to grow as a writer? Want to enter contests? Join us in Room 203 (my room) on ? at Lunch for Operation Ink. 

Come, write and have fun!

What is English?

English is not just the study of spelling and grammar rules – that is the stuff that operates in the background. More importantly, English is the study of thoughts and ideas – a study of the human condition.

So what then is the human condition? It is the condition of, well, being human. Happiness, sadness, heartbreak, betrayal, revenge, triumph, honour, conformity, love and an ocean more of emotions and states of mind are all ideas that we explore in the literature we study. The study of English is really the study of the world, the study of thought, the study of understanding, and the study of our own mind all at once. It may not be easy, but it is important, and very worthwhile.

At this web site you will find course outlines, some course notes, handouts, and other goodies. Explore away.