Welcome to my classes for the 2014-15 school year.

I will be teaching Advanced Placement World History, World History, Understanding History Through Film, and Automation & Robotics II.

Below you will find links to Schoology.com for each of these courses.

After careful consideration, I have decided to use Schoology.com as the technology resource for all of these classes.  Assignments will be posted on Schoology and can be submitted online as well.  Additionally, there is a Schoology app for both iOS and Andriod systems.

To join the course, you need to create an account on Schoology.com (there is an option for both Students and Parents).  You will need to enter the course codes listed below to join the class.  When you join, please use your real name.  Unrecognized users will be removed.

Course codes:

AP World History Schoology.com code: 4MHHB-TK54C 

Understanding History Through Film: H3HH4-6JCDH

World History Period 3: 5KXZR-THCR9 

World History Period 4: CN7S9-355GM  

Automation & Robotics II: 4GRQV-R2BNB