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"If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants." - Isaac Newton

We all build on the work of our seniors, these brave souls have paved the way for us to follow. These are the past year accounts compiled so far and it is in your best interest to look at all the questions and scenarios listed over the years. There are quite a number of accounts so far such that you will already notice a trend after going through all of them. Many of the answers given by the examinees are wrong, so beware! The questions listed by these candidates though - are gold. Do your own research - Google is your best friend! There are probably many other accounts circulating out there, please ask around and send them to me if I missed some out.

Once again, my appeal to all who read this to send me your account after your exam for uploading so that others may benefit just as you have from their hard work. Type it out soon after your exams to avoid forgetting the details. Please reach me at

Credits to the original authors of the accounts. With the help of these, a good selection of books, mugging buddies and tutorials, I made it through on my first attempt with a more than decent score. Do read through the "book review" section and the "time management and preparation" section for further tips on how to maximise your chances of passing.

Note to all before emailing me to ask questions (because I get so many of these emails everyday):

This site turns out as the top hit when you Google MRCS resource but there are many other sites using this same name after this site has surged in popularity. There is NO affiliation to the similar-sounding MRCS resource facebook/wordpress sites which ask that you fork out a subscription fee. This site is completely free and I maintain it using the little free time I have. I do not maintain a facebook page for this website. I may not have time to answer to all your queries but you should be able to find all the answers you are looking for by navigating through all the pages. The past year accounts CANNOT be downloaded due to privacy issues and to maintain author credit which can be (and have been) altered and re-used elsewhere (while charging others for it!) after download. I am strongly against this detestable practice which certain sites have seemed to have started (using scenarios that are blatantly copied from the accounts of those uploaded here). Some even wrote books and want to sue me using materials/the hard work of various authors stolen from this site when the timeline would suggest otherwise.

I receive many emails a day asking for specific/special access or specific papers which I do not have time to reply to and do not have to time to go through my files to grant special access to individuals. Please try to browse the past year accounts from a desktop browser using Chrome which should solve all your problems. All the accounts I receive are uploaded in their original format sent to me at the earliest moment I can cope with on top of my usual daily schedule (usually within a few weeks). I cannot convert them to another format for your viewing pleasure (Word to PDF or vice-versa). Neither can I be your personal butler to inform you when a new account has been uploaded. I respect your privacy when you send your account to me and no individual download rights will be granted to others, nobody can view your authorship information or editing history if you choose to be anonymous.

I ask one favour of you reading this - send me your account after your exam for uploading so that others may benefit just as you have. Type it out soon after your exams to avoid forgetting the details.

Please reach me at

All the best,

Ng Si Rui

Part 3/Part B (OCC) exams

A whole different ball game. If you are taking this you would be wise to concentrate on the TYS of the Part 3s

Past yrs

Singapore 2008 Viva

Penang Aug 2009

Bahrain Aug 2009

Penang Feb 2010

Penang Apr 2010

Hamid & Ronald Nov 2012

OCC Cairo Oct 2015 Hassan Elmasry

Please try not to upload the accounts on the forum but rather email me direct. I routinely delete requests for accounts/access that are posted here. Please navigate through the site yourself before asking for help.

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