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Safety Briefs Downloadable Articles

August: Establishing an Alert Mindset of a First Responder: Cooper’s Colors
June: Documenting Pain
MayProfessionalism ZIKA
April:  Lessons Learned from Emergency Responders
March: Human Trafficking and Emergeny Responders
February: Pre-Hospital Trauma Spinal Immobilization
January: Effective Communication in a Disaster Response

December:  EMS Responder's Pre-Hospital Injuries Statistics Injuries
November:  The Emergency Activated Adrenaline Rush
September:  Responding to an Emergency- Arriving Safely on Site
August:  The Myth of Multi-Tasking
July: The Danger of Insect Bites
June: Caring for a Wound in the Aftermath of a Flood
May: How to Attract, Recruit, and Retain Volunteers
April: Rurality Challenges of Disaster Response
March: Protective Gloves
February: Meeting a Demand for Resources
January: Commit a Minute (or Two) for Safety: Protecting Your Eyes