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Mr. Cannizzaro's Art Room website is intended to help students and parents keep up to date on current projects and homework assignments in my Art classes.  Find your class link to the left and you will find current projects and homework assignments as well as classroom policies and expectations.   The syllabus for each class is located at the bottom of each class page.    In addition, this website is here to help everyone learn about the Art Program at Colchester High School.  The site has information about the art classes offered at CHS, current student exhibitions, helpful links, and other art related materials. 
     Colchester High School offers an art curriculum designed to fulfill the one credit requirement in Fine Arts  for all CHS students, as well as to prepare a student interested in pursuing a career in art with the necessary foundation skills expected of art schools and colleges.  The CHS art teachers believe it is important for students to be exposed to the world of art in order to build an appreciation for its importance in culture, history, and personal expression. 

     The emphasis in the CHS Art Program is to build basic art skills, which include an understanding of the composition of a work of art using the Elements of Design and the Principles of Composition.  At the same time, we challenge students to apply those skills by creatively solving artistic problems, and developing their own aesthetic style.
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