This site is not related to the official website of the Royal College of Paediatrics and child Health. The historical name of this popular website was "MRCPCH2009" when the name was extracted from the year of inauguration. The MRCPCH Academy is a subdivision for MRCPCH education of many educational platform supported by the "Pediatrics Academy". Six e-learning modules are branched from that website and are currently conducted. Explore them under e-learning division of the "Pediatrics Academy". 

Long standing exams exposure, heavy work, feedback experience, urge to help, expert computer and educational skills combined together to inaugurate this site initially in year 2009. The owner, designer, moderator, and materials' editor are copyright of Dr. Elbaba M. Please forgive me for some limitation and weakness expected with single author production. 

Lastly, all pediatric health care professionals can find their needs in this platform. The website is augmented by its related social learning gates, the strongest is present on the Facebook, find it here. Its divisions are designed for all exam parts and more. Pediatric professionals or trainees can discuss pediatric topics, building a team for multi-center work, asking the expert for their feedback, discussing a career in pediatrics or offering education and exam tips. 

Elbaba M.