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This site is not related by any mean to the official web site of the Royal College of Paediatrics and child Health (UK/Ireland). It is simply an effort of a candidate whom fails several times in the MRCPCH Exams but, finally he got a very high score 96.3%. . Prolonged study course, heavy work and facing Exams multiple times with their feedback produce the experience and intention to help others. Excellent computer use and highly educational skills help to lunch and build this site.

Moreover, there was an urge to make a communication gate between senior pediatricians (RCPCH members) and junior one (Exam candidates), even among all pediatricians not related to RCPCH. By this way, the seniors can give the advices, support, education and exam tips to the juniors. On the other hand, the juniors can help the seniors for any effort needs younger active challenging pediatricians.

Unfortunately, the owner, designer, moderator and material editor are all done by myself indeed. This is in spite of my strong belief in team-work. There is no one man show. Single thinking, working and effort is useless and very fragile. I need the help of the others to build this supporting castle. Actually, I encourage all active pediatricians to participate and add to this site to share me this work in the future according to their skills.

Lastly, all health care professionals dealing with children can communicate here with each other through the blog or individually through personal emails. They can discuss hot topics in pediatrics, building a team for multicenter research work, asking the expert for their feedback, discussing a career in pediatrics in different countries or offering education and exam tips.

Your comment and advice are always highly appreciate. 

This is  to upgrade and fine-tune this site for the best.

Best wishes

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