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This site is NOT related by any mean to the official website of the Royal College of Paediatrics and child Health (UK/Ireland).  
This web site is regularly updated while, 2009 is the year of lunching the site and the year the owner passed the final exam.
It is simply an effort of a candidate who fails several times in the MRCPCH Exams but, finally he digest the hidden secret and  got a high score 96.3% in the final clinical part.

What happen?!
Prolonged study course, heavy work and exposure to Exams multiple times with  feedback built the experience and intention to help others. Combined computer and educational skills help to lunch and build this site ....Read more


Here you can:

1.You can communicate with your colleagues senior and juniors for MRCPCH issue or any other pediatric issue.

2.You can take educational advices for the Exams or download any educational materials free of charge.

3.You can add any useful pediatric material to help others particularly Exam candidates.

4.You can give your MRCPCH Exam feedback.

5.You can ask the expert or Examiner for any dilemma in Exam or pediatrics.

6.You can join our community on Facebook for live communication, Webinar and Online Exams

7.You can do more and more …. see many options

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