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MRC (Mouse-Remote-Controller) 
The MRC is an application on the iphone which allows the user to control their mouse pointer and keyboard on their personal computer directly from their phone!
Bluetooth or WiFi is needed for this application to work.  GPRS will work as well, however it is NOT recommended.
(For more information refer to the FAQ page).
How does this application work?  Let's watch!

MRC Demonstration

- Accelerometer : Control your mouse using mobile accelerometer.
- TouchPad : Control your mouse using your mobile touch screen.
- GameMode : Use your mobile accelerometer to control your PC/Laptop's arrow keys + 2 customable keys.
- WMP: Control your PC's windows media player using your touch screen.
- Remote Keyboard: Press the keyboard keys on your mobile and they will be sent to your computer.
Well, here's an example of the software capabilities (It can do much more!):

 Press the yellow spot on the middle  of your device

 Tilt your phone to any direction while holding the yellow spot


 And the mouse Computer will follow that direction!

 You can Download for FREE and find the requirements and supported devices at Downloads page.
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