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Sunday, April 6, 2008

[HOW TO] Build Your Own Custom Firmware

A couple days ago I released the first iPod Touch custom firmware on iPod Touch Fans, I got banned within a half hour for posting a firmware file.  So now I made a tutorial so everyone can make a custom firmware themselves.  Hope everyone learns something from this.

Thanks to the iPhone Dev-Team at iphone-dev.org for making pwnage tool, without it CFW would not be possible


Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Doom for iPod Touch and iPhone

Just got around to testing this even though it has been out for a while.  Last time I checked it was still in a very early beta and had no controls at all.  The current controls are a little awkward, but, who cares, its Doom on an iPhone/iPod Touch.

Firmware file links now in downloads section

click here to go there there now

Beta testing snes4iphone by Zodttd

This emulator is simply amazing. It is very smooth for still being in beta and seems to do a good job at handling the average SNES game. There are some games that it has trouble with, like Starfox, but this is expected. The things being developed by Zodttd are really showing what the iPhone and iPod Touch are capable of. A playstation emulator is in development currently, and hopefully will one day be full speed. It is really amazing what this thing can handle.

go here to find out more

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