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The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science.  - Albert Einstein

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Science Fair papers are due November 20th and presentations with boards or powerpoints start on  November 24th

 Click below to download important science fair documents (Microsoft Word)

Science Fair Proposal Sheet (Must be signed by your teacher to show you've picked a challenging, safe and appropriate topic and experiment.)

Science Fair Paper Rubric (Explains exactly how to get  your paper done perfectly)

Science Fair Paper Template (You can download this and type your paper right on it to make sure it is set up perfectly with page numbers and everything aka  SciFairPaper_Per0_FullName.doc)

Science Fair Board Layout (Shows you what goes on your board and where it should go. You can also use this if you plan to make a PowerPoint to see what should go on your slides.)

Please note: You need to get all science fair ideas approved by me. There may be some projects listed at the following sites that I won't approve because they are too simple, too dangerous, or otherwise don't follow Chicago Public School or NGHS policies.  Just because you find a project at one of the following sites DOES NOT mean that I will approve it. If there is a project you like which I can't approve, I'll do my best to help you modify it so you can do a similar project.

 With rare exception, you will have to collect an analyze QUANTITATIVE data, a.k.a. NUMBERS. Sometimes the most difficult part of designing a good science fair project is coming up with a way to turn your data into something that can be measured and quantified, or made into numbers. 

The best science fair ideas are those that come from YOUR CURIOSITY about the world. The following links may help you narrow down your topic or figure out how to take your interest and make it into a real experiment. 

Here are some sites:

The best of all the science fair sites is Science Buddies! It has very useful information about picking a topic as well as a great guide for getting your project done well.  

Science Buddies even has a "Topic Selection Wizard" to help you find just the right topic based on your grade level and your interests. It will even tell you roughly what each project costs. You need to enter your zip code, gender and ethnicity, but this is just so they get an idea of who is utilizing their great site.

All Science Fair Projects - You can search or browse for topics in a wide range of areas.

A Science Fair site from Canada- It lists some interesting ideas. You will still need to figure out how to test them.

Science News for Kids - Has some good categories for ideas like "behavioral science," "biochemistry" and "engineering."

Elmer's Science Fair Central... Its not just about glue.  It has over 250 ideas for projects.

Homework Spot has some great information for researching topics. Once you have your idea you can find information about it here.

Arts Magnet School site - Lots of ideas and some good tips on how to do a great project.



Food and Our Bodies

*         Is there a relationship between eating breakfast and 

school performance?

*         On which foods does fungus grow best?

*         On Which foods does mold grow best?

*         How does ethylene affect ripening fruit?

*         How are teeth affected by fluorides and acids?


Oceans, Rivers, Streams

*         Does the amount of water affect the size of the wave?

*         How does the volume of a stream affect its flow rate?

*         Where is the current of a stream the fastest?

*         Is there a relationship between phases of the moon and our weather?


Plants and Gardening

*         What kind of soil is best for water retention?

*         Will antacids help soil polluted by acid rain?

*         Does human hair affect the growth of plants?

*         How does a garden mist spray affect plant growth?

*         What is the percentage of water in various fruits and vegetables?

*         Which plants and vegetables make the best dye?

*         Which type of wildflower grows best under 

artificial light?

*         How does temperature affect the water uptake in 

celery plants?

*         Does the type of water affect the growth of plants?

*         Is soil necessary for plant growth? (hydroponics study)

*         How does rotation affect plant growth?

*         Does music affect plant growth?

*         Does a plant grow best in sunlight or artificial light?

*         Can plants deprived of sunlight recover?

*         What is the relationship between root and stem growth?

*         Which color of light causes green beans to grow best?

*         Can potatoes be grown without soil?

*         How do worms affect plant growth?

*         What is the effect of urine on grass?

*         What affect do Epsom salts have on plant growth?



Water Quality

*         What is in our drinking water?

*         Are our local waters acidic compared to bottled water?

*         Do our soils show the effects of acid rain?

*         What is the lime content of various samples of water?

*         How clean can different filters get polluted water?

*         How polluted is our water? (the trapping and study 

of bacteria with a Millipore filter)



*         How can we prevent the weathering of our sidewalks 

and driveways?

*         How does topography affect weather conditions?

*         Does the topography of an area affect its local weather?

*         How do changes in air pressure affect the weather?

*         How are all weather factors related?




*         Are safe homemade cleansers as effective as 

commercial cleansers?

*         How does particle size affect settling rates?



More Ideas…..


Does music affect one’s heart rate?

How do different video games affect one’s heart rate?

Will plants grow better if they have light 24 hours per day?

Does the cost of a battery predict how long it will last?

Which brand of popcorn pops best?

Are favorite foods acids or bases? – Make your own acid indicator.

Which is stronger, homemade glue or store bought glue?

Who has quicker reaction time, girls or boys?

Does water temperature affect how long soap bubbles last?

Does air temperature affect how long soap bubbles last?

Does the sense of smell affect the sense of taste?

What material is the best temperature insulator? Metal, glass 

or foam?

Does the mass of a toy car affect how fast it goes down hill?

How does the mass of a pendulum affect its swing rate?