From Earlimart to Machu Picchu!!

My name is Eddie Campos Jr. and this is a site I created to document my trip to Peru during the Summer of 2012.  I grew up in a little agricultural Central California town called, Earlimart, where the official Population is 3,000 people, but the unofficial, mostly undocumented hard working unofficial population is twice that.  So forgive me if i get a little too enthused but it's a blessing for someone like me from the little town i grew up in to be able to see the world like this.  I think my spark for international travel begain when i hiked Half Dome in Yosemite.  I had travelled alot in the U.S. for my job as an IT Consultant after college, visiting San Franciso, Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle, New York, and Canada.  But standing on top of Half Dome and looking out at all that beauty felt like I was on another planet and lit the fire for me, creating a desire to see what else God has put on this earth for us.    
I've taught high school math and a few adult math classes for the past 7 years.  I feel extremely blessed to influence and mentor the students and people around me and very fortunate have found an amazing non-profit organization that provides discounted travel packages for teachers wanting to travel and bring their experience back to their classroom and students. GEEO(Global Exploration for Educators Organization) takes groups of about 10-12 teachers from all over the U.S. to all over the World.  They are dedicated to encouraging and assisting as many teachers as possible to travel abroad and then share their experiences with their students upon their return to the classroom.  Last year was the first time i experienced a GEEO trip when i participated in their Costa Rica Adventure trip.  It was an amazing experience and i made some great new friends along the way.  A few of the teachers from that group are actually meeting up in Chicago for a reunion in late July.
Ever since i was a child and saw a picture of Machu Picchu in a book, i've always known i would see it in person someday.  Now i'm just a few days away.  God Bless and I hope you enjoy my travel tales.


GEEO Peru Trip