Automotive Technology Courses - mech 9/10, cc11, AT11, 12, 12D & 12E
Templeton offers a wide variety of Automotive Technology courses in a safe and well-equipped setting.  Students work on their own vehicles as well as others.  Annual activities for all include field trips to the Vancouver International Auto Show and TBC Indoor Kart Racing as well as a year-end barbecue.
See Mechanics 9/10, Car Care 11 and Automotive Technology courses for details.
ROBOTICS 9/10, 11 and 12


  • Grade 9 and 10 students design, build and program to overcome various problem-based design challenges.

See Robotics 9/10 for details.

ROBOTICS 11 and 12

  • Grade 10, 11 and 12 students design, build and program to overcome various problem-based design challenges.
See Robotics 11 and Robotics 12 for details.
        3D Robotics Iris

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        DJI Phantom 2 Vision

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        VEX Robotics Competition Overview:

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Robotics Club

Anyone interested in Robotics or Electronics is welcome to drop by the Robotics / Electronics Engineering Lab (Room 126) to check out what's happening this year.  Robotics Club is every Tuesday after school.
Sponsors - Mr. Cameron, Mr. Janze, Mr. Hengeveld



Will you own a car someday?  It will likely be the second largest purchase you make in your lifetime.  Open to all grade 10, 11 and 12 students.  For all interest and skill levels.
  • GLP - Getting your license (L & N)
  • Driving skills and safety
  • Buying and insuring a car
  • Having your car maintained and repaired
  • Doing your own maintenance and repairs
  • Planning for road trips
  • BCAA membership
  • Dealing with roadside emergencies
See Car Care 11 for details.
Gasoline and electric motorized bikes are the latest edition to the Mechanics 9/10 project line-up.  Also included are go-kart engines and solid-fuel rockets.  Basic skills learned prepare you for Automotive Technology 11 and 12.  Get your motor running!
When fully completed this spring we will raffle off a motorized 2010 CCM 70th Anniversary SuperCycle Cruiser.  This cruiser is equipped with a two-stroke gasoline kit by Zoombicycles.  Tickets are $5.00 each or $10.00 for three.  See Mr. Cameron for your raffle tickets.  Good luck everyone!
See Mechanics 9/10 for details.
ELECTRONICS COURSES - 9/10, 11, 12, 12AS and 12DS
Electroncis courses are for students interested in building a variety of electronic circuits.  Courses range from introductory to advanced.  Projects examples are: Variable Speed Flashing Lights, English Police Siren,Variable Speed Xenon Strobe Light, iPod Amplifier, Wireless Microphone, 4-Sound Siren, FM Transmitter, Car Alarm, Digital Dice and Programmable LED Display.
See Electronics courses for details.
Students explore a number of different areas of Technology.  Projects include: Pictorial Drawings and Kaliedo-Cycle (Drafting), Gumball Machine (Woodwork), The Great Winkie (Electronics), VEX IQ Challenge (Robotics) and Metal Threading (Mechanics).
See Technology Education 8 for details.
VEX IQ Robot


The original ministry course where students learn how to:

  • plan their Graduation Program
  • explore education and career options
  • prepare for job search and employment
  • live a healthy lifestyle
  • be financially aware and responsible
Topics are explored through a variety of assignments and professional presentations.

Presentation Examples:

  • Mindfulness-Based Stress Management – The Crisis Centre
  • Economics of Staying In School – Junior Achievement of BC
  • Sexual Health – BCIT Student Nurses
  • Worker’s Rights / Role of Unions – BC Federation of Labour
  • Occupational Health and Safety – BC Federation of Labour
  • Youth Trades and Apprenticeship - VSB Career Programs
  • Youth and Gambling – BC Partnership for Responsible Gambling
  • Taking Care of Ourselves and Others – Children of the Street Society
    • Gender Stereotypes – Condomania
      • Career Fair - field trip to PNE
        • Suicide Awareness and Response – The Crisis Centre
          • Dating Violence - VSB and VPD
            • Healthy Relationships – Drug and Alcohol Counselor
              • Substance Misuse – Drug and Alcohol Counselor
                • Youth Employment – Service Canada

                Video Presentation Examples:
                • Get Organized! Managing School, Life and Fun – Strategies For Success
                • Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price – Worker’s Rights / Role of Unions
                • Stolen Lives – Occupational Health and Safety
                • The Breakfast Club – Healthy Relationships
                • In Other Words - Healthy Relationships
                • Sext-up Kids - Healthy Relationships
                • Growing Up Online – Healthy Relationships
                • Into The Wind - Strategies For Success
                • Your Life, Your Choice – Road-related Risk Management
                • Final Marks – Road-related Risk Management
                • Extreme, Not Stupid – Risk Management
                • The Spirit To Survive – Risk Management
                • Diet Wars – Nutrition
                • Supersize Me – Nutrition
                • Flipping The World – Substance Misuse