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Clean Green Challenge

Term 3 - Environment Matters  (Please note: Carbon - related global warming component only taught as theory; students encouraged to make up own minds and discuss with parents.)

Click here to go to the parent survey  - parents to complete please (not students).

Rubrics - Have a look at these rubrics. Each one will show you how to achieve the best possible mark in both your presentation and your built environment.
Rubric 1 - Presentation Rubric (Note: Presentation should be 2 minute maximum).
Rubric 2 - Built Environment Rubric (not for 2014)
Rubric 3 - Written Paper Rubric (not for 2014)
 Video  - The energy cycle
CONTENT LINKS (For those keen to put in a lttle bit extra - please note there is clear bias towards climate change being carbon related in the majority of these sites).