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Wells High School Mission Statement
"Our mission is to empower all students through individualized instruction to become literate critical thinkers and problem solvers committed to civic engagement."

Use the navigation links in the upper left corner of this page to go to a specific class page.  The class page will have more details and attachments concerning the course. 

Information about Me:
This is my 32nd year teaching here at WHS.  I live in the town of Wells with my wife and two boys.  I earned my bachelor's degree from the University of Maine at Presque Isle and my masters from Lesley College.  I graduated from Piscataquis Community High School (PCHS) located in Guilford, Maine in 1982.  I enjoy teaching students and working at WHS.  I enjoy sports (mostly watching them), working around the house, playing card games, reading, movies and spending time with my family.

Students need to bring the following materials to their math class, everyday:
  • Pencils - Students need to have something with which to write. Pencils are preferred but pens are accepted.
  • Notebook - 1.5 inch, 3 - ring binder - no paper needed.  Distributed materials will need to find a home in the 3-ring binder. Dividers will be helpful but not necessary.
  • Graphing Calculator – Texas Instruments: TI-84 Plus or TI-83 Plus (To be used in Math and Science all four years at WHS) Math teachers suggest the purchase of a TI-84 plus as it is efficient in its graphing capabilities and compatible with standardized tests.  Some lessons in the text are designed around the use of graphing calculators.  I will be able to help students learn the functionality of their TI-84 graphing calculators as I am familiar with it.  I am not familiar with other models and brands and therefore will be less likely to be able to help students with different calculators. For students that are unable to get a calculator, WHS may have one that can be borrowed for the year. (Just send me an email.)
  • Compass and Protractor - Geometry students will need a protractor, ruler, and compass (or a whole construction tool kit) as the text has many lessons designed using these tools. A construction tool kit would be a wise purchase and can be found in stores and online for less than ten dollars. These will be needed both at school for in class work and at home for homework. It is important to get a compass that does not slip or change size when being used. 

I'll be using Jupiter Grades to record and report student progress and assessment.   Use the Jupiter Grades features to keep track of grades and assignments. Check Jupiter Grades for current and past assignments. 

I am available after school most days (except Wednesdays) to offer help to students.  Please take advantage of this opportunity if you feel the need! Just ask during class to see if (which days) I am available.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please contact me at abridge@wocsd.org.