I am a recent PhD graduate from the University of Washington, department of electrical engineering, where I was a member of the Interactive System Design Lab (ISDL) led by professor Les Atlas. My research interests are single-channel source separation, noise removal, speech enhancement, machine learning, and music technology. For my PhD, I researched new methods of complex matrix factorization and their application to single-channel speech separation.

On October 1st, I joined the Kinect team at Microsoft as an audio researcher / engineer. I am very excited to begin my first full-time job.

Past research and engineering experiences have included automatic speech alignment, single-channel and stereo wind noise removal, GSM noise removal, automatic beat detection, and internships at Adobe Systems, Qualcomm, and Motorola. 

When I'm not researching, I enjoy playing and teaching guitar, ultimate frisbee, hiking, biking, running, and volunteering.